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What is ST9?

ST9 is a financial instrument that enable you to join in global Forex and Cryptocurrency market and become a trader. Thanks to smart tools that have ability to analyse and summarize finance market, you can join in predicting currency exchange rates. Traders will make bets whether the price will rise or fall over a certain period of time. If the prediction is correct, the trader gets a profit of up to 95% of the trade amount.

How to start?

Step 1

Practice in a demo account

Step 2

Step 3

Fund your account with your preferred payment method
Trade and receive profit

Step 4


Select the amount of money that you want to trade

Keep monitoring whether the price chart is rising or falling

Decide whether the asset price will go up or down


Use the Candlestick chart, which shows the price change over a certain time, e.g., 1 minutes. The red candle means that the price was falling, while the green one shows that the price was rising.

If you monitor the chart for some time, you'll notice that candles of the same colour come in groups. This means the next candle will probably be of the same colour.

01Open Candlestick Chart

Switch to the 1-minute time frame. Candles show the asset price change:

  • A red candle means that the price is falling, while a green one means that it's rising.
  • Every candle becomes inactive after 1 minutes, that is, it “closes.” Once it closes, a new candle starts forming. This is the best time to open a trade.

02Open a trade based on the colour of the previous candle

  • If the previous candle was green — open an UP trade.
  • If the previous candle was red — open a DOWN trade.

Once the 1 minutes has passed, your trade is closed.

03Enter your new trade amount

  • If your prediction is incorrect, double the trade amount – after you have won, it will cover all your losses during previous stages.
  • If it is correct, set your initial investment amount.